Janis Görlich

1 MANGEL AN LICHT (Lack of light)
„Whom the sun never shines bright enough should be send into the desert for a while.“ (old Arabic wisdom)
„Thomas wasn’t just an odd fish with a fascination for the people of the orient. I know that in England he was haunted by severe winter depressions. THIS was the reason why he volunteered for military service in Arabia, for this hell ride.” (R.G. Douglas, Major (ret.), in his memoirs. In 1915 him and T.E. Lawrence were bunkmates for some weeks)
2 MIMI (Mimi)
alias: „The desertflower“. Secret lover of the later mentioned British army lieutenant (see number 5). By accident she fell into the miscreant’s (alias: „Fratze“) hands.
3 LASSY (Lassie)
The lieutenant’s trusty friend. Meaning, of course, a camel.
4 DIE UNSCHÄRFE (The blurriness)
also: heat haze. A blurriness at the horizon for example, that misleads the hunter to think that he can already see the haunted’s silhouette.
5 LAWRENCE (Lawrence)
Lieutenant Thomas Edward Lawrence, 1888-1935
6 IN DER FERNE (At distance; at the horizon; far away from home)
…Bouuuum! Far away from home and hardly a drop left in your water bottle. Your girlfriend being kidnapped, all tracks covered and now, on top of it all, your train blew up – if this is not a reason to fall for melancholia, what is then?
Ha ! you would think so…
8 FRATZE (grimace; also in this story: name of the bad guy)
„A whisperer is a chandelier, is a liar!“ (…is a saying I often heard during my childhood). Let’s hope that beautiful Mimi has heard of it too. May she not believe too easily in her kidnapper’s whispered insinuations…

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