Janis Görlich

Janis Görlich’s “BUMMELZUG EXPEDITION In die Ferne” is out now !
What else?
Janis on Germany tour with DOTA. The New Album “Keine Gefahr” features Janis playing on electronic and acoustic beat machineries.
He also just recorded with New York-based singer songwriter DIANE BIRCH whom he toured Japan with in may.

++++ July 15th 2016 - 22.05-23.00++++ "Mit dem Bummelzug auf Expedition" | Radio feature on NDR Info

  Janis live on air. One hour of interview with the bandleader about his new septet album.

“Bei Nacht”, is the debut album of Janis’ exciting trio named kleiner dicker mönch (fat little monk).
Watch the TRAILER here,
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