Janis Görlich


…started as a quintet with musicians from Sweden, Island, Italy and Germany that plays the bandleader’s film-music-like compositions.
Part One of a two-part concept album was released in september 2013 on Shoebillmusic, a small vinyl label from Berlin which is dedicated to the exclusive release of limited 7 & 12 inch editions.
BUMMELZUG EXPLOSION’s debut is entitled “In der Ferne”.
Part Two entitled “Bummelzug Expedition In die Ferne” features a Septet version of the band. It was released in May 2016.
The lineup is:
Otis Sandsjö - tenor saxophone, Uli Kempendorff - tenor saxophone, Julius Heise - vibraphone, Daniel Boedvarsson - guitar, Henrik Thor Oscar Olsson - guitar, Jonas Hauer - organ, piano, Wurlitzer & Casio keys and Janis Görlich - drums
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JANIS GÖRLICH’s kleiner dicker mönch

Kleiner dicker Mönch means “fat little monk”.
The sound of this Trio is a DIRECT translation of the thoughts of a rather fat and short monk into music.
Kleiner Dicker Mönch may be regarded as Bummelzug Explosion’s smaller darker brother. According to Janis, “Bummelzug Explosion is like oasis in the middle of a large desert”, whereas Kleiner Dicker Mönch, “goes far beyond that point. The Trio operates on the dark side of the moon.”
The band’s debut “Bei Nacht” (which translates to: “At Night”) is going to be released in October 2014. It features compositions by Janis, Henrik Olsson, Thelonious Monk and Helfrid Lambert in adition to improvised tunes by a fat little monk.
The lineup is:
Henrik “Thor Oscar” Olsson - guitar & effects Jonas Hauer - accordion & effects Janis Görlich - drums, balafon & glockenspiel
more infos about the band and their LP „Bei Nacht“
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Singer Songwriter Dota Kehr, alias „Die Kleingeldprinzessin“, and Janis have been performing together since more than ten years. Janis can be heard as a drummer on eight of DOTA’s albums, one of them being the highly praised current release “Keine Gefahr”.
The band DOTA is touring all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland on a regular basis. Tours for the german Goethe Institut led the band to various other countries such as: Russia, New Zealand and Brazil.
The lineup is:
Dota Kehr - vocals & accoustic guitar, Jan Rohrbach - electric guitar & bass , Jonas Hauer - organ & accordion, Janis - drums
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is an explosive 17-piece Orchestra that features two drummers and two singers. The Orchestra performs Moritz Sembriztki’s original compositions that transform such (seemingly) opposing styles as Jazz, 80s Pop and Italian Opera into a highly addictive Melange of joy. The Album “Sand” was released in 2016.
The lineup is:
Lea W. Frey & Aylin Winzenburg - vocals, Janis Görlich & Moritz Baumgärtner - drums, Nils Marquardt & Andrej Ugoljew - trombone, Mathew Bookert - tuba, Andreas Böhlen, Evgeny Ring, Malte Schiller & Hannes Daerr - saxophones, clarinets & flute, Florian Menzel, Johannes Böhmer & Damir Bacikin - trumpet, Bernhard Meyer - bass, Willie Sieger - keys, Moritz Sembritzki - guitar & composition

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