Janis Görlich

Janis Görlich is:

  1. A drummer, composer and bandleader from Berlin
  2. A lover of old grooves, home cooking & the Northern Sea.

Janis studied Jazz in Berlin, New York, and São Paulo.
Besides working on his own projects - namely the quintett BUMMELZUG EXPLOSION, which has lately been upgraded to a septett, and his new trio kleiner dicker mönch - Janis can be heard as a drummer in a few hand- selected bands of various stylistic orientation. At the moment he his the drummer of singer-songwriter DOTA KEHR (Winner of “Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis 2011”) and Moritz Sembritzki‘s large ensemble Magnetic Ghost Orchestra. Lately Janis has also been touring with Max Weissenfels’ Polyversal Souls and the New York-based singer DIANE BIRCH, whom he also recorded with.

more details

Janis Görlich was born 1981 as Janis Albert Görlich, which is essentially the same name, plus a middle name which he inherited from his grandfather Albert Görlich, who was an austrian-croatian electrician and during the 1930s an avid visitor of viennese opera houses besides having a fable for…O.K. STOP - lets stick to the necessary information here.
Janis grew up in a small coastal town in north-west Germany where he received first drum lessons at the age of twelve. In 2001 he moved to Berlin to study Jazz with Holger Nell at the „Hanns Eisler“ Academy of Music. From 2003 till 2006 he was a member of the Federal Youth Jazz Orchestra, BuJazzO. In 2005 he spent six month in Sao Paulo to study brasilian music, percussion & culture at the „Conservatorio de Tatui“. After graduating in 2006 Janis Görlich started recording and touring with singer-songwriter *Die Kleingeldprinzessin* as well as with his own band *GLÜCKLICH1*. With these projects he toured extensively through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia. Jazz-Avantgarde-Pop crossover project *GLÜCKLICH1* was selected to be a member of Pop Camp 2006. The first Album „K.ill Y.ourD.arling“ was released in 2007. In 2008 Janis Görlich received a scholarship of DAAD (GermanFederalExchangeService) to study at Queens College, New York. He stayed in New York City till 2010 when he earned a master degree in Jazz Performance. While living in the U.S. he played, recorded and/or toured with composer Russ Flynn’s band *Has Have Had* as well as with the chinese singer *Le Zhang* and the Indierockband *WakeyWakey* among others. Since moving back to Berlin in 2011 he has worked with a great variety of bands and artists reaching from Jazz and Avantgarde music to Indiepop and 60s Garage Rock, namely *Hans Unstern*, *The Magnificent Brotherhood*, *Carlos Bica*, *Carsten Daerr* and the *Diane Birch Group* among others. His first own band, *BUMMELZUG EXPLOSION*, was founded in early 2012 and his debut album recorded later in the same year. The first part of a concept album called „In der Ferne“ (“At distance”) was released on vinyl in september 2013. The year 2014 saw Janis recording the second part with a now enlarged (septet) version of *BUMMELZUG EXPLOSION*, as well as releasing an album with his new Trio, called *kleiner dicker mönch* “Bei Nacht”. His third album “BUMMELZUG EXPEDITION IN DIE FERNE” was released in may 2016.